The LRES curriculum is designed to enhance the preschool learning experience by incorporating music, dance, technology, foreign language, global enrichment opportunities, project based and hands-on activities in a collaborative environment.

All academic instruction is provided on an individualized basis to meet each child’s social, emotional and academic needs during the most critical formative years of their life (between 0 and 6 years of age).

We are proud that the LRES experience has been proven to give each graduating student a competitive advantage when transitioning into any elementary (private, gifted or public) school.


Children are grouped according to age and developmental maturity: two year olds (30-35 months), Pre-K (3-4 years old), Advanced Pre-Kindergarten (4-5) year olds and Kindergarten (5 years old turning six over the course of the school year).

Each classroom has assigned teaching staff who have primary responsibility for that group of children. These teachers provide ongoing personal contact, meaningful learning activities, supervision and immediate care as needed to protect children’s well-being. Children stay with the same set of teachers until they move to the next age group. This allows time for relationships to develop and provides a sense of continuity for the children.
When it is time for children to move to the next age group, families are notified of the upcoming move before it happens. When possible, children spend a transition period, the length of which may vary according to age, visiting their classroom; gradually increasing the amount of time they spend each day in the new classroom.


Additional Information Regarding the Curriculum.
The curriculum resulting from these guidelines is multifaceted, providing opportunities for the development of social and emotional skills, gross and fine motor skills, and perceptual and cognitive readiness. Sound health and nutritional practices are emphasized. Safety is stressed. Through teacher/child interactions, children learn language and problem-solving skills.

Children are offered a program rich in assorted activities. Choices alternate between quiet and active play, both indoors and out to keep the children stimulated, interested and relaxed.
See the detailed curriculum outlined for each age group under programs.


2 Year Old’s

2 Year Old’s

The LRES Two Year old program provides a safe, happy and nurturing atmosphere and introduces the...

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